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Students in Reception - Year 6

The Junior School is the first stage in a child's school education and our main objective is to provide our students with the opportunity to develop academically, physically, socially and emotionally in a safe, friendly, supportive and caring environment.

In Reception - Year 5 years, teachers aim to provide a learning environment that is caring, nurturing, and guides students from concrete to abstract thinking. Students work in a variety of learning situations utilising the 'learning to learn' approach. We promote explicit teaching of concepts and skills, play and resource based learning, student initiated learning and cross age peer work. We promote the school values within daily teaching.

Students currently study:

* English
* Maths
* Science
* HASS (Humanities and Social Science)
* The Arts
* Technology
* Health and Physical Education
* Languages
* Home Economics / Technology Studies (Year 6)

English is taught using 'WRAP, The Writing Road to Reading' methodology where teachers' commit to deliverying explicit, systematic literacy instruction.

The Junior School has a weekly assembly for students and parent community to celebrate student achievements, communicate messages and develop organisational leadership. Students have access to their own playground, sandpit, grassed and paved seating areas. There is a double tennis court area and school oval.

WRAP - The Writing Approach to Reading (pdf file) 622kb

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